September 24, 2020

Free Fire New Update Upcoming Elite Pass Video Trailer Leak 2020

 Free Fire New Upcoming Elite Pass Trailer

I have find new free fire upcoming elite pass trailer video and I'm sharing all videos  this videos not provided by official Garena Free Fire this videos leaked by ff data miner on Instagram and I'm sharing with you and again I'm not sure what is the exact release time in this elite pass.

First Fall You Need To Know What Is the Elite Pass in Free Fire?

This is free fire elite pass
This is free fire elite pass look

About Free Fire Elite Pass

Elite Pass is a tier-based system where players can attain several exclusive rewards in every tier. Players have to complete certain missions to earn badges, which will help them claim these items. The pass includes items like character bundles, emotes, character fragments and skins.

The pass is not free, however, and there are multiple ways of procuring it. Players would either have to use diamonds, which is the in-game currency of Free Fire, or purchase the Elite Pass's seasonal subscription. They can also pre-order the pass by using diamonds, and will even receive extra rewards for doing so.

free fire elite pass price in india

Players would have to complete numerous missions to obtain badges, which in turn will help them to obtain exclusive items such as bundles of characters, skins and emotes. The Elite Pass in Free Fire would cost 499 diamonds to the players.

Free Fire Free Elite Pass - The Free Fire most popular Epic Games provide Free Elite Pass for the players to complete the tiers. If you are in search of how to get Elite Pass in Free Fire, First Elite Pass of Free Fire then here is the information about free Fire New Elite pass. There are two methods to get Free Elite Pass Free Fire and the detailed information on how to get Elite pass for free are listed below. Avail of the entire information about Free Fire Free Elite Pass, how to get Elite Pass in Free Fire, and enjoy the game.

This is our new upcoming first free fire elite pass trailer video

This is our new upcoming second free fire elite pass trailer video

This is our new upcoming 3rd free fire elite pass trailer video

This video by FF DATA MINER

So Guys At Our Upcoming Elite Pass of Free Fire, In The Coming Time, We Can Get To See inside Our Game, Then In The Guys I Hope t

That You Will Understand The Whole Thing, Then Guys Bey Bey Get Yours Till Then With Next Post Take Care

September 23, 2020

Free Fire New OB24 Updates Is Here What Is New | Garena Free Fire

Our Most Awaited Update In Coming Free Fire OB24 Update

free fire ob24

Friends, you all know that the Updates of OB 24 are going to come in our Free Fire Game, so friends, what will be the size of that updates and what new things will we get to see in those updates?

About Update Size

So friends, the size of the updates will be around 600mb to 800mb. And in OB 24, we will also see a 2 new character named New Pet, which is named Savvr And Dasha and we will also get 6 new emote along with it.

Update Time In India And All Countries

And guys talk about the time of updates India on 23rd September 2020. However, the exact time is not known, but as per speculations, it will be made available on Google Play Store at 12:00 PM IST. 

New Character Dasha What Is Ability

new character dasha

Her ability is called 'Partying On,' which reduces the recoil while moving by 5%, and general recoil by 5%. It also reduces fall damage by 45%. With the rise in the level of the character, these abilities will be enhanced.

*Partying On Level 1: Reduce recoil while moving by 5%. Reduce general recoil by 5%. Reduce fall damage by 45%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 55%.

*Partying On Level 2: Reduce recoil while moving by 6%. Reduce general recoil by 6%. Reduce fall damage by 50%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 60%.

*Partying On Level 3: Reduce recoil while moving by 7%. Reduce general recoil by 7%. Reduce fall damage by 55%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 65%.

*Partying On Level 4: Reduce recoil while moving by 8%. Reduce general recoil by 8%. Reduce fall damage by 60%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 70%.

*Partying On Level 5: Reduce recoil while moving by 9%. Reduce general recoil by 9%. Reduce fall damage by 65%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 75%

*Partying On Level 6: Reduce recoil while moving by 10%. Reduce general recoil by 10%. Reduce fall damage by 70%. Reduce recovery time from falls by 80%.

What Is Ability In New Character Svver Ability

free fire new character svver

The second character in this patch is going to be a northern European MMA fighter named Sverr, Free Fire's 2nd martial artist after Kla. However, Sverr's ability is completely unrelated to melee fights and is actually useful.


Sverr has an active ability called 'Going Berserk.' The ability consumes 40 health and increases the damage by 10%, which lasts for 5 seconds and has a cooldown period of 45 seconds.

New Pet Rockie's Ability

free fire new pet

Previously, the rumors about OB24's new pet list it as part of the Halloween update, with the appearance of a Pumpkin. However, this turned out to not be the case, as the Advance server has confirmed that the new pet is going to be a squirell-like creature with a teal mohawk. Rockie's skill is going to be a game-changer - it is a passive that reduces the cooldown time of your existing active abilities.

Our Most Important Update Free Fire Burmuda 2.0 BERMUDA Remastered Is Here On OB24 Update 

free fire burmuda 2.0

With the OB24 Free Fire update already in sight, more and more leaks are coming out about what Free Fire players will get. Spinners would already know the “Bermuda Plan” that Garena has shown us little by little right? Well this time, we have gotten leaks about new shapes and minimap photos from the Bermuda 2.0 map. Can not wait? This is the new Bermuda 2.0 map leak that will be present in the FF OB24 update!

New Gun ParaFal

free fire new gun

The ParaFal weapon uses AR ammunition, as it is part of the Assault Rifles (AR) family.

According to our sources, not yet confirmed by Garena, ParaFal may be equipped with the following accessories: Cartridge, Mouth, Silencer, Sight (2x or 4x) and Stock.

Where to find the ParaFal gun in Free Fire

The ParaFal weapon can be found freely by the map loot . With a higher drop rate in places with high concentration of loot

Updates Times

The Free Fire OB24 update will release in India on 23rd September 2020 at 5:30 PM IST, after the maintenance is over. The players will be able to download it from Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The size of the update is not known yet, but most assume it will be around 350 MB.