November 23, 2020

All you need to know about Snowelle's Free Fire OB25 New Character

All you need to know about Snowelle's Free Fire OB25 New Character

All you need to know about Snowelle's Free Fire OB25 New Character
November 23, 2020

 Free Fire New Character What is Snowelle's Ability and bio and story All you need to know

Free Fire New Character Snowelle's

Snowelle's bio and story

  • Name: Snowelle
  • Age: 25 (July 4)
  • Research specialty: nanotechnology and robotics
  • Description: Extremely dedicated to her craft. Sometimes, we would like her to go home and sleep sometimes. But no one can dispute her results. She completes the projects.

Free Fire New Character Snowelle's technical scouting report attracted our attention. Not only is she a nano-tech engineering genius, but she also knows how to use these skills to make highly advanced devices. In college, she made her own recording device - video and audio, all the size of a coin.

Journal release nÂș 887

The creation of the robot's advanced intelligence was a failure. My nanotechnology has been perfect, but intelligence engineers seem to be unable to create a working memory. 123 attempts and nothing to show. Maybe this time we can make it work.


Free Fire New Character Snowelle hated holidays, but the new year managed to find a place in her heart. She felt that the world needed something new. It was a time of resolutions and changes.

It was also the day she bought her first nano-kit, where she managed to make her first mini-robot. Her first friend. New year was her "birthday". It was in constant need of repair, but it was still working in her apartment.


Free Fire OB25 new character Snowelle is 16 years old, finished high school early, and started studying at university, but still lives with her parents. They want to rest all day, enjoying society. Snowelle cannot bear to be lazy.

They try to steal money and make life difficult for people around them so they don't have to work. "Snowelle", they shout. They want her to help them get an old man out of his fortune.

She cannot accept this existence. She will be better than them. She will help the world and fix what has broken.

What is Snowelle's Character Ability in Free Fire

Ability Name: Nano Nervos

Snowelle's skill VS Alok and K

Free Fire New Character Snowelle's skill is called Nano Nerve. Enemies who got shot by Snowelle will not be able to activate their skill and not being able to regen HP using their EP for a period of time.

All the OP Free Fire skills of character such as Clu, DJ Alok, or K will be disabled, especially K since his skill is all about increase EP and healing fast using EP. Snowelle is definitely going to change the way people build their skill combos and that is something you need to look out for.
All you need to know about Snowelle's Free Fire OB25 New Character
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