Why Are People Playing Free Fire?

Free Fire

For starters, player numbers are halved. Free Fire While Fortnite and PUBG throw 100 combatants together, Garena Free Fire keeps it at a more manageable 50. And where the larger games feature bigger maps, Free Fire's battlefield is relatively tiny and quicker to traverse.

All of which mixes together to form a far quicker, more accessible game. Other battle royales can last for close to an hour - Free Fire usually takes no more than about 20 minutes to find a victor.

Make Your Choice 

t's also a far more aggressive game than its rivals. Where other games encourage slower, more methodical play, Free Fire's shorter times and smaller map mean that you're nearly always within the middle of a firefight, and therefore the number of living players dwindles rapidly as a result.

On top of that, Garena has helpfully introduced a lock-on mechanic for every weapon, so you don't need to carefully line up shots to be sure you're hitting your opponent - spray-and-pray is a perfectly reasonable tactic here.

Free Fire therefore allows players to casually drop by for a fast fight or two, safe within the knowledge that they will not be trapped within the match for too long, which they will probably get a minimum of one or two kills in per match. And that, I think, is why people keep coming back each day.

As for why revenues are so high, this one's fairly easy - there's simply tons of things to shop for in-game.

Keep it quick

Free Fire uses two main currencies - gold, diamonds a soft-currency used largely for a single gacha, and diamonds, the hard-currency which are used to buy basically everything else.

There's also a bunch of other token-based currencies, earned through certain Free Fire in-game events and actions, such as trying your hand at the gacha or performing well in ranked matches.

But what I think makes Free Fire more enticing is how it breaks down its gacha. Free Fire Alongside your central diamond and gold gachas, you've got weapon and character gachas, depending on which you care about more.

Then you've got the now ubiquitous battle pass (here called the Free Fire Fire Pass), the "Incubator", and a host of other chance mechanics at play, many of which appear to be hosted outside of the Free Fire game and accessed through an in-game browser, possible to reduce download files when they inevitably change.

Take It or Leave It

You can like Free Fire, quite easily, ignore all of this and just jump into the battles. Or, if you're investing your time, you can fall down a rabbit hole of offer packs and gachas and spend your money Free Fire almost exactly how you like.

Garena Free Fire isn't exactly stingy either, offering up free spins of low-level gachas pretty regularly through tokens and the like, and providing even more rewards if you take a spin enough times in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire the choice on offer is honestly mind boggling, and it's little wonder that any time we write about this game Free Fire, people spam our comments begging for free diamonds Free Fire - there's so much to get and only enough cash in your real life bank.

Overall, it's not difficult to see why Garena Free Fire continues to hold popularity and stand tall among the big boys of Fortnite and PUBG and other game. It may never achieve the same cultural status in the Western markets, but who cares? As long as it's making money, Garena Free Fire certainly won't.

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