Why a free fire account ban

  • The use of third-party applications that allow any user to obtain unfair competitive advantage is strictly prohibited. Such behavior undermines public integrity and undermines everyone's game.
  • Therefore, we accept the policy of total tolerance and any account found guilty will be permanently suspended and terminated.
free fire account ban

While we have evidence, that information is confidential and is not disclosed to prevent players from accessing workarounds or blocking our access methods.

No complaints will be appreciated.

What can make you banned from Free Fire?

There are several ways to get your account or device blocked on Free Fire. Depending on the nature of the activity, the duration of the restriction varies - from one day to the next. Below are some actions you may take to prevent it.

Modifying game data or hacking: Any unauthorized changes made to data, client or game servers will cause your device and your account to be permanently blocked.

External Company Programs: Use of Garena non-authorized third party programs will result in your permanent ban (most of these programs may make changes to game parameters) and it does not matter if you receive benefits from the game or not.

Interaction: If you are found to be in contact with another player, you may be detected by resetting the rank or permanently blocked, depending on how often you have done so. Meeting the hijackers will receive a severe punishment.

Verbal Harassment: Don't talk to other people to the point - any form of terrorism and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion… could result in a ban.

Error Abuse: Players will use bugs instead of reporting that they will be penalized based on the size of the bug and the number of times they use it. The penalty for this may be at any time of suspension.

Free Fire Official Announcement 

We are aware there are those in our community who use third-party software to gain unfair advantage over others. Such behavior threatens the integrity of our community and the spirit of fair play. The development team has a zero tolerance policy for such behavior.

To address your concerns over this issue, we have prepared a list of answers to frequently asked questions over the past week.

So far, we have banned over 25,000 accounts and going forward, we will ban mobile devices from connecting to Free Fire servers. This means that for these devices will not be able to enjoy Free Fire any more. The list of banned users is also shared below.

‼Help us by reporting cheaters and 3rd-party tools here:‼


Q1: Is Free Fire able to detect the use of 3rd party software?

Yes. Free Fire is able to detect the use of tools and mods. Once detected, accounts and devices will be banned permanently.

Q2: I met a cheater/found a new hack online, how can I contact you?

We have created a form for users to get in touch with us. You may access the form here:https://docs.google.com/…/1eR8K_E2-k0HPwGTc4bcTogOVgf…/edit…

Q3: How does Free Fire punish cheaters?

For most cheaters, they will get killed off by the system during the match. The system detects abnormal behavior such as character moving at high speeds, travelling to places you otherwise will not be able to reach, firing at a rate that you normally would not be able to.

On top of this, we also record logs in our server so that we can be 100% sure that we do not ban any innocent players. After which, we will ban the account and device permanently.

Q4: I was wrongly banned!

We are not aware of any false positives, but we have a team to investigate false positive reports to make sure that our entire anti-hack system works as it should. If you suspect you have been banned wrongly, please contact us at our Facebook page.

Although cheaters can get creative sometimes, rest assured we are always ready to take strong and immediate counter-measures. This is a serious matter to us and we will take every effort necessary to provide a fair and competitive environment for everyone. Sincerely,

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