December 17, 2020

free fire new update date 2020 All about you need to know Operation Chrono

free fire new update date 2020 All about you need to know Operation Chrono

free fire new update date 2020 All about you need to know Operation Chrono
December 17, 2020

Free fire new update date 2020: All about you need to know: Operation Chrono

Free Fire Chorono
Free Fire New Update

Garena Free Fire has been one of the most popular battle royale titles on the Android and IOS platforms since its release in 2017. The Free Fire game brings in regular updates along with several features and events.

Recently, Free Fire devs rolled out the Operation Chrono (CR7) update and introduced many exclusive in-game events and items in the game. One such event is the Vending Machine event.

The all-new Free Fire in-game Vending Machine allows players to obtain guns, Gloo wall, Grenade, medkit by using 3D tokens, which can be found through drops throughout the map. Players have to use these tokens in order to exchange with the special in-game rewards like guns and Gloo walls that are available in the Vending Machine.

The list of rewards available in the vending machines are:

Free Fire Vending Machines

  • Pink Chrono Box: 10 Token,
  • AR Ammo: 1 Token for 100
  • Gloo Wall Grenade: 1 Token for 3, 
  • AK: 2 Tokens
  • Stock 10M82B: 5 Tokens, 
  • Stock 1M4A1: 1 Token
  • FAMAS: 3 Tokens 
  • Stock 10Medkit: 5 Tokens for 2HG Ammo: 1 Token for 10

Here are some of the most probable locations where the machines mostly spawn:

  • Observatory
  • Shipyard
  • Pochinok
  • Hangar
  • Cape Town
  • Plantation
  • Graveyard
  • Mars Electric
  • Mill

The Chosen One game mode in Free Fire

Free Fire New Mode
Free Fire New Mode: The Chosen One Game Mode

How To Work The One Game Mode
  • As the game starts, two teams will spawn on the map with four players on each side. Sides have to reach a total score of 40 points to win the game match. 
  • One enemy kill equals one point in the game. During the match, randomly, members will be chosen from each team to battle 1v1. 
  • The winning team to win the duel gets a 30-second points buff. If there is no winning team after the match time finishes, i.e., after 6 minutes and 30 seconds, Sudden Death will get activated to decide the tie.

The Free Fire in-game unveiling of Cristiano Ronaldo's (Chrono) in-game character in Garena Free Fire took place online this past weekend. Free Fire It has been one of the most famous battle royale titles globally, and much of its credit goes to collaborations like this.

The Garena Free Fire devs recently brought a new update called Operation Chrono new character (CR7), where many new features and events are being unveiled gradually.

With the introduction of new features and the Free Fire Cosmic Racer mode, the developers are now set to introduce another new event about Chrono collaborations to the game, called the Chosen One mode. According to a recent press release from Garena Free Fire, it will make its way into the game on December 19th and last till December 25th.
free fire new update date 2020 All about you need to know Operation Chrono
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