February 12, 2021

Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability Is Getting Changed – What Is The Nerf?

Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability Is Getting Changed – What Is The Nerf?

Recently Free Fire got a new real-life inspired character ‘Chrono.’ This character resulted from Free Fire’s collaboration with famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, aka CR7. From the first day of introducing this character, the game got a bit unbalanced and biased.

Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability

It has been noticed that Chrono’s Special Ability ‘Time Turner’ makes him much powerful as compared to other characters of the game. Many players have complained that after Chrono, the game is not the same anymore. That’s why the developers should Nerf the character or remove it.

In the above-embedded tweet, Free Fire – Brasil asked the players, “Comment here which characters need changes.” And guess what? Players spammed the comment box with Chrono just in an hour. The Twitter handle got another post only after one hour, which mentions, “You keep commenting on Chrono. We are reporting your feedback to the developers on a daily basis, and we are analyzing the character as well. We will have good news soon, but know that updates take a while!”.

Later a fan asked them to “Just nerf it. You don’t need to take it out of the game.” The Twitter handle replied to the fan by stating, “We do not remove characters from the game.” It made it clear that in any circumstance, the character is not going to be removed from the game for being overpowered.

What Are Possible Nerfs Chrono Might Get?

The CR inspired Chrono character comes with an active skill called ‘Time Tuner.’ It creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. It also increases the movement speed of the character as well as allies within the field. Players found this ability unbiased; that’s why developers are working to make some changes that are not revealed yet.

Below we are going to share possible nerfs the developers can make in Chrono’s ability to make that a balanced character. We do not assure anything about the Nerfs mentioned below. It is just our opinion based on our expertise. It can be 100% true, 50% true, 0% true, or anything else.

Free Fire
Chrono ability Free Fire

1. Character Might Suffer Half Damage Within Force Field

The ‘Time Turner’ ability creates the force field that blocks the bullet damage completely. Developers might change it half damage within the force field. That means if one bullet of the enemy’s gun can cause 30 damage, players inside the force field would only get 15.

2. Lessening the Force Field Blocking Damage

Developers might lessen damage blocked by the force field from 600 to somewhere around 200 to 300. Then only it will become an acceptable ability of a character in the game like Free Fire.

Let’s see what change the developers would make into the character’s ability to make it a balanced character.

Free Fire Chrono Character’s Ability Is Getting Changed – What Is The Nerf?
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