Free Fire New Gloo Wall Skin In 2021 - learn more

Free Fire Add a New Gloo Wall Skin In March 2021 The Is Gloo Wall Skin 'Angelics"

This week Garena Free Fire introduced the community to the new angelic items from the game, now it's time to visit the Angelical Free Fire Gloo Wall skin, customization for features will be available soon.

Free Fire New Angelics Gloo Wall Skin Coming Soon In March 2021

Free Fire
New Gloo Wall Skin

The new Angelical Free Fire Gloo wall has no release date on the Brazilian server yet, Free Fire just informed that it will arrive soon in national territory, the statement was made after the arrival of the “Moleque and Guria” Angelical packages.

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This will be the first customization of the Gloo wall with the Angelic theme on Free Fire, it is worth remembering that there will also be the Angelical backpack (already available in other regions).

The Angelical Free Fire Gloo wall skin has the same colors and symbols as other angelics in the game.


The new “Moleque e Guria” Angelical Free Fire packages that were launched last weekend will be available until next Thursday (18th).

The term "angelic" in Free Fire is synonymous with success, currently, the game has several items with this theme such as Angelic Pants, banner, and Dino Free Fire.

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